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Manifesto de Sostenibilidad


1. cre ar+

(publicado en <NYC> en enero 1, 2022)

Inspired by the Ethos of Artists and Makers


1. cre ar+ is a Spanish / English wordplay. First, one recognizes the word art (ar+) and then hidden in the wordplay, an encouragement to create, as in Spanish crear.  


Sound it out:  uno crear  más {[ˈuno] [kɾeˈaɾ] [ˈmas] } which translates to:  


1. make intentionally, responsibly, beautifully

1. cre ar+ is a mindset.

Inspired by the Workwear of Artists and Makers 

1. cre ar+ is finely tailored and handcrafted. It is a utilitarian two-piece worker-suit detailed with functional brass hardware, which informs a new language of sartorial construction. 

a uniform consisting of an overall and matching chore coat

1. cre ar+ evolved into a permanent capsule collection of sharply tailored and individually crafted suits, jumpsuits, and separates.

1. cre ar+ commits to sustainability:

Materials, Remnants and Notions

Sustainable Materials  

1. cre ar+ uses only leftover highest quality material, BCI deadstock denim, plant-based fabric, and by-product leathers. 


Untitled design (6)_edited_edited.jpg


1. cre ar+ turns remnants from the cutting room into a range of finely crafted separates; from leather camisoles and shorts to accessories like leather and hardware belts, totes, and crossbody work bags. Tiny leftover pieces are given to artists and quilters. 

Scrap collage_edited_edited_edited.jpg


1. cre ar+ uses only natural buttons and brass or recycled rivets, d-rings and zippers

Local Workshops and Repairs

Skilled NYC Makers and Artisans  


1. cre ar+ is affiliated with MADE IN NYC. For more than a decade we have nurtured personal relationships with local workshops, skilled makers, and artisans.  For this reason, when an order is placed, our makers feel invested in their work.  You will feel their handwork in your piece.



1. cre ar+ work will last forever if you treat it kindly. However, should there be an issue, mending and repair are available.


Inventory: Materials and Collection

Material Inventory

1. cre ar+ stores a small inventory of these materials at our workshop ready for production. When the fabric is gone, we restock with a similar material.

Select Inventory

1. cre ar+ keeps a small inventory of our Ready to Work Collection in stock.  


Cápsula Eterna 


Slow fashion takes time - it’s not a big deal. This clothing is made just for you and should last forever.


1. cre ar+ offers two ordering options. 


Ready to Work

1. cre ar+ has a limited stock of the maker-suit pieces: the overall taller, the chaqueta taller, and accessories: the bolsa de arquitecta handbag, the bolso icónico tote, and the correa de herramientas tool belt.  This limited inventory of pieces is ready to ship without delay.

Yola_2023.10_Capture190854 1.jpg


Made On Demand

1. cre ar+ has 20 permanent pieces in the collection which are made on demand. The process takes approximately 3 weeks.

Made On Demand - How It Works

1. cre ar+ receives the order, sends to our workshop where 

  • a pattern maker prints the pattern in your size

  • a cutter lays, checks, and cuts the fabric

  • a skilled sewist sews the piece

  • a handyperson adds buttons or details, a signed limited edition label, and presses and checks the garment.

  • 1. cre ar+ packs and sends to you  


You will feel the hand of the maker. 

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