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yolanda colón - greenberg / (yola)  is an architect, art historian, and art collector. yola received an architectural degree from cornell university and a master of art history from the institute of fine arts. in 1999, yola established the brand yola colón.


two things happened that made yola reconsider her practice:


  • devastating climate destruction in her native land of Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria


  • witnessing the change in gen Z shopping habits and their desire not to patronize fast fashion.


in response, yola wanted to limit any wasteful practices inherent in the industry in her work. she saw a direct line between waste in the fashion business and the destruction in puerto rico. at the same time, she observed her daughter and how she thinks about clothes, being thoughtful about how her choices might impact a fragile planet. she would never compromise for a fashion fix.


for yola, these ways of being ignited 1. cre ar+



and yet, yola is an architect and designer above all and at the end of the day, the creative process is her inspiration for slowing down fashion


keeping the core of nyc made, highly crafted, urban chic design while working sustainably, in 2022,

1. cre ar+ emerged.


sarah gannholm joins 1. cre ar+ as visual architect. sarah is a multi-disciplinary designer, photographer, and editor. sarah is interested in the creative process of makers and the history of the evolution of design. sarah holds an architectural degree from cornell university. 

your interest in 1. cre ar+ and our investment in sustainable fashion means to world to us. Please send any comments or questions to our email at , leave a review of your experience or visit us on instagram @uno.crear.mas

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if you are interested in a collaboration with 1. cre ar+ for a specific capsule please contact us at

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